Introduction of Materials

Material science and engineering are disciplines that study the preparation, structure, properties, processing and application of materials. Material constructs the whole worldincluding the human beings andis the carrier ofeverything inthe world.The progress of human civilization can not bewithoutmaterials. The history of human civilization is a history of how to make better use of materials andtocreate materials. The continuous innovation and development of materials have also greatly promoted the development of social economy. It can be said that there will be no worldif there are no materials.

The Strength of School of Materials Science and Engineering

Compared with other related majors in other universities, the School of Material Science and Engineering of Tongji University has the characteristics of comprehensive research scope and advanced research level, covering almost all the direction of material field.

The material science and engineering of Tongji University ranked16 out of 162 universities in China in the "Evaluation Report of Chinese Universities and Disciplines in 2016"andranks 1%in ESIin the world.Materials Science and Engineeringis the pilotspecialityof the "Training Plan for Excellent Engineers" of the Ministry of Education and the characteristic specialty of the Ministry of Education.

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