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Research Fields:

Coupling analysis of multi-physical fields and its application in Civil Engineering:
Early age concrete, Mass concrete structure, Building envelope, high performance concrete    



Current Courses:

Overview of civil engineering;
Civil engineering materials;
Engineering material;
Cognition Practice




(1) “the National Key Research and Development Program of China (Project No. 2018YFD1101002-01).” Research and Application of High Performance Cement-based Artificial Stone and Its Decorative Products, Person in charge,2018.12~2022.12
(2) “the National Key Research and Development Program of China (Project No. 2016YFC0700802-01).” Synergistic Thermal-Mechanical-Durability Performance and Regulation Technology of Energy-saving Wall Materials and Parts in Typical Climate Zone, Person in charge,2016.7~2020.06
(3) Natural Science Foundation of China (project No. 51308405):Thermal-mechanical Creep Behavior of Structural Concrete during Lower High Temperature” Principal Investigator,2014.1.1~2016.12.31






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(3) Jiang W., Yuan Y., Yang Z., Multi Fields Analysis on Creep Behavior of  Concrete in Lower High Temperature, ECCOMAS Congress, 2016, Crete, Greece 2016.6.5-6.10
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