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Research Fields:

Durability and service life prediction of concrete with high-volumes industrial by-produces subjected to the action of combined several deterioration factors
High strength and High Performance concrete
Heavy metal stabilization/immobilization
High performance inorganic polymer
High performance and ultra high performance cement based composites (Reactive powder concrete (RPC),slurry infiltration concrete (SFCON)  


Current Courses:

Civil Engineering Materials

Building Materials
Concrete Repairing Technologies        



1)Research and Application of Preparing Reinforcement Corrosion Resistant Concrete and Ready-mixed Mortar with Sea Sand (2016YFC0701003-3), the 13th Five-Year Plan of National Key R&D Program, Sub-project leader.
2)Multi-scale Analysis and Model of Rock Slope Deformation and Failure Process. (51279100), Natural Science Fund General Program Cooperative Fund, Leader
3)Theory and Method of Chemical action and mechanics transformation in modern concrete subjected to sulfate and freeze/thaw cycles. The Fund by Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of civil engineering materials
4)Mechanism of immobilization heavy metal by geopolymer subjected to dry/wet cycles using backscattered electron imaging. Fund by The Ministry of education of China.
5)Research on the preparation and properties of materials for heavy metal solidification/ stabilization using industrial byproducts. The Fund of China postdoctroal.
6)Investigation on the Chromium immobilization using geopolymer. Natural Science Fund in Hubei Province.
7)The properties and applications of geopolymer              



1)Sifeng Liu, Yaning Kong, Tingting Wan et al. Effects of thermal-cooling cycling on the mechanical properties of EVA-modified concrete, Construction and Building Materials, 2018, 165( 20): 443-450.
2)LIU Sifeng, YANG Siyu, KONG Yaning, WAN Tingting, ZHAO Guorong. Anti-cracking Property of EVA-modified Polypropylene Fiber-reinforced Concrete Under Thermal-cooling Cycling Curing. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology-Mater, 2019,34(5)。
3)LIU Sifeng, ZHU Dongming, WAN Tingting. Study on the compressive strength of concrete by EVA and PP fiber under cool/thermal cycling. New Building Materials, 2017,(11): 32-34.
4)LIU Sifeng, WANG Peiming, ZHANG Lin. Effect of Mineral Admixtures and Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer on Shrinkage Law of C30 High Performance Concrete at Ages of 0-24h. Journal of Building Materials, 2017, 20(1):88-92.
5)LIU Sifeng, WAN Tingting, WANG Peiming. Study on Shrinkage Stress-strain Evolution of Mortars Modified by EVA Polymer at Early Age. Journal of Building Materials, 2016, 19(5):791- 796.
6)LIU Sifeng ZHU Dongming GUO Sijun. Research on Self-healing of Concrete Crack in Sulfate Environment. Marerials Review, 2016,30(02):108-113.
7)LIU Sifeng GUO Sijun SHI Cuiping. Influence of Multi-factors on Bond Strength of Reinforced Concrete and Regression Model. Journal of Building Materials, 2016, 19(1):162-165.
8)LIU Sifeng, WANG Peiming. Mechanism of immobilization of Nickel by fly ash geopolymer. Journal of building materials, 2010, 13(5):666-668.
9)LIU Sifeng (correspondent author). Regression model and analysis of factors contributing of the compressive strength of geopolymer-alkaline activated byproducts composite materials. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2009, 37 (1): 120-124.
10)LIU Sifeng et al. Flexural Behavior of Geopolymer Mortar Modified by Redispersible Polymer Emulsion Powder. Journal of building materials, 2009, 12 (2): 205-208.
11)LIU Sifeng. Application of BP Artificial Neural Network Modeling in Service Life Prediction of Concrete under Multifactors. Materials review. 2008, 22 (7): 85-87.
12)LIU Sifeng, WANG Pei-ming, LI Zong-jin. An FTIR and XPS Study of Immobilization of Chromium with Fly Ash Based Geopolymers, Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 2008, 28(1):67-71.
13)Li ZJ, Liu SF. Influence of slag as additive on compressive strength of fly ash-based geopolymer, Journal of materials in civil engineering, 2007,19 (6): 470-474.
14)LIU Sifeng, SUN Wei, WANG Peiming. Ecological control of concrete exposed to NaCl and Na2SO4 long-term corrosion, Journal of Southeast University (natural Science edition), 2006, 36: 263-268.  






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