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Environmental Problems in the Production and Service of Traditional Building Materials   Function and Trace of a Small Amount of Components in Cement Based Materials
Functional Utilization and Evaluation of Solid Waste  


Current Courses:

Civil Engineering materials        



1) Mechanism on Emissions and Transformations of Sulfide and Phosphide in Disposal of Municipal Sewage Sludge with Cement Kiln (National Natural Science Foundation of China: 51302189)
2) Mechanisms of Leaking and Stable Lingering of Toxic Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde from and into the Cement Concrete (National Natural Science Foundation of China: 51578412)
3) Mechanisms of the Vinyl Related Polymer Admixtures Tissues Aging and the Resulted Concrete Property Degeneration (National Natural Science Foundation of China: 51878479)            



1) Haoxin Li, Hui Zhang, Lin Li, Qiang Ren, Xiaojie Yang, Zhengwu Jiang, Zhenlei Zhang, Utilization of low-quality desulfurized ash from semi-dry flue gas desulfurization by mixing with hemihydrate gypsum, Fuel, 2019, 255:115783.
2) Yuyan Huang, Chao Xu, Haoxin Li*, Zhengwu Jiang, Zhiqi Gong, Xiaojie Yang, Qing Chen. Utilization of the black tea powder as multifunctional admixture for the hemihydrate gypsum. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 210:231-237.
3) Yuyan Huang, Haoxin Li*, Zhengwu Jiang, Xiaojie Yang, Qing Chen. Migration and transformation of sulfur in the municipal sewage sludge during disposal in cement kiln. Waste Management, 2018, 77: 537–544  






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