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  • Name:Xiong Zhang
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  • Fax: +86-21-55757377
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Research Fields:

Functional building materials


Current Courses:

Modeling methods of materials systems (Doctoral course)
Functional building materials (Graduate course)
Civil engineering materials (Undergraduate course)





1.Project Director of the 13th Five-year National Key R & D Program: Research and Application of Key Technologies for Improving Performance of Building Envelope Materials
2.Project Director of the Subtopic of the 13th Five-year National Key R & D Program: Super-hydrophobic and Super-lipophilic Materials for Ecological Restoration  



1.Civil Engineering Materials, Tongji University Press
2.Functional Building Materials, China Construction Industry Press
3.Functional Building Mortar, China Chemical Industry Press
4.Functional Admixture of Building, China Chemical Industry Press
5.Building Energy Saving Technology and Energy Saving Materials, China Chemical Industry Press
6.Modern Functional Materials of Building, China Chemical Industry Press
7.Building Materials, Tongji University Press
8.Prevention and Cure Technologies of Concrete Cracks, China Chemical Industry Press


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