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Research Fields:

Energy-saving Building Materials

Solid Waste Utilization

Sustainable Building Materials  


Current Courses:

Ecological Building Materials for Energy Saving;
Civil Engineering Materials;
Civil Engineering Materials Experiment;





1.Industrialization Utilization Methods and Key Technologies of Desulfurized Gypsum  




1.Zhang, Yongjuan, Yu Ping, Pan, Fei, He Yan. The synergistic effect of AFt enhancement and expansion in Portland cement-aluminate cement-FGD gypsum composite cementitious system. Construction & Building Materials, 56:129-137.
2.Zhang, Yongjuan, Pan, Fei, Wu, Rong. Study on the performance of FGD gypsum-metakaolin-cement composite cementitious system[J]. Construction & Building Materials,128:1-11.
3.Yongjuan Zhang, Xiong Zhang. Grey correlation analysis between strength of slag cement and particle fractions of slag powder[J]. Cement & Concrete Composites, 29(6):498-504.
4.Zhang Yongjuan, Wu Rong. Influence of SO3 on properties of flue gas desulphurization gypsum(FGD)-metakaolin(MK)-cement compound system[J]. Journal of Building Matrials,2017,20(01):24-29. (in Chinese)
5.Zhang Yongjuan, Wu Rong, Zhang Xiong. Flue gas desulphurization gypsum-metakaolin-cement compound cementitious system[J]. Journal of Tongji University (Natural Science Edition),2015,43(05):754-758. (in Chinese)
6.Zhang Yongjuan, He Shun, Zhang Xiong. Modification of the recycled concrete Bolomey formula. [J]. Journal of Building Materials, 2012, 15(4):538-543. (in Chinese)  



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