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Research Fields:

Concrete admixtures
Cement based materials
Ready mixed mortar
Utilization of byproduct in concrete(mortar)

Current Courses:

Concrete admixtures
Functional building materials
Waterproofing and energy saving building materials
Introduction to Materials




1.Production and application technology of concrete and mortar admixture, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2020
2.Polycarboxylate based Water Reducer with high water reducing rate and high slump retention, synthesis method and application method, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2020
3.Study on the Shrinkage reducing type polycarboxylate based Water Reducer suitable for raw materials in Xuzhou, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2019
4.Development of alkali free liquid flash setting accelerator and production technology with fluorine industry raw materials, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2019
5.Cement based grouting material for grouting reinforcement of coal mine support, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2019
6.Popularization and application of complete set technology of foamed concrete preparation with less clinker cement based on slag powder (steel slag powder), Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2018
7.Research and application of using local raw materials to develop super high performance concrete, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2018
8.Development and application technology of non calcined desulfurized gypsum steel slag powder composite cementitious material, application of steel slag powder fly ash composite admixture in concrete, improvement technology and product application of desulfurized gypsum calcined to prepare hemihydrate gypsum, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2017
9.Research on crack control technology of concrete structure in Nanchang Metro Station, 2016
10.A kind of color recycled concrete for producing decorative block, Project entrusted by the enterprise, 2016
11.Preparation and application of green building materials with regional raw materials, the National Key Technology R&D Programs in the 13th Five-year Plan of China (2016YFC0701004)
12.Preparation and application of functional building materials with desulfurized gypsum and phosphogypsum, National 12th Five Year Plan of science and technology support project (2012BA20B02)
13.Design of composite cementitious material system of hydraulic non calcined waste gypsum, National 12th Five Year Plan of science and technology support project (2011BAE14B06)
14.Research on decorative concrete block and decorative brick for rural building, National 11th Five Year Plan of science and technology support project(2006BAJ05B01-03)
15.Effect of paramagnetic substances in cement / admixture on NMR signal of paste, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51178339)
16.Study on the behavior of water migration in cement-based materials in plastic stage by NMR, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51678441)
17.Study on heat damage and its control mechanism of steam curing concrete prefabricated components in high speed railway, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (U153420040)
18.Study on the mechanism of hydration and hardening of Portland cement by exogenous and primary sulfate,the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51132010)
19.Development and application of new high performance building energy saving materials, the Social Development Science and Technology Field Projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission (19DZ1202702)
20.Study on the performance and optimization technology of concrete, the main material of civil engineering under meteorological conditions, the Social Development Science and Technology Field Projects of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission(19DZ1201404)
21.Development and key application technology of ultra-high performance concrete for photovoltaic integrated building, Special Fund Project of Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission (Shanghai CXY-2016-012)
22.Development and application of Ultra High Performance Concrete, Shanghai "Alliance Plan" Project in 2019 (LM201947)
23.Research on key technology of inorganic thermal insulation mortar based on desulfurization gypsum, Shanghai urban rural development and Transportation Committee (20101311)  






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