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In general, these cover a range of interests in metallurgy physics and theoretical modeling or simulation the practical engineering problems. A particular interest is the microstructure characterization being investigated by electron microscopes, including TEM, HRTEM, SEM, EDS et al. Most research programs involve in experimental studies of structure-property relations in materials, such as studies the effect of microstructural evolution, phase transformations and interface structure attribute on mechanical or physical performances.


Current Courses:

Metallurgy Physics
Solid Physics
Physical Properties of Materials  




1.National natural Foundation of China: (Project No. 51971163, 50760176)
In the area of microstructure and properties, current and completed projects including: creep tests for novel heat-resistant steels; Microstructure evolution and life assessment for heat-resistant steels in long-term service; investigation the strengthening mechanism of super high strength martensitic alloy steel, maraging steel, identification the dispersive precipitates coherent relationship with the matrix,  their crystal structure, orientation and growth dynamics.
2.National Key Research and Development Program of China (Project No. 2017YFB0103700, 2013BAG19B0106).
In the area of processing of composite materials and application, current and completed projects including: Strengthening aluminum alloy, fatigue and mechanical properties, surface electrochemical treatment.
In the area of functional materials, completed projects including, Cu-C electric materials processing by power-metallurgy, investigation the electric conductive properties and glide friction behavior; structure and behavior of electric contact between AlGaN semiconductor and metallic multilayer.  




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