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  • Name:Xiaoshan Liu
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Research Fields:

Fatigue and Failure Analysis, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Research of Aluminum Alloy, Research of Metal-based Functional Materials


Current Courses:

Surface Engineering of Metal Materials
Heat Treatment Principle of Metal Materials
Metal Biological Materials  



1) Determination of Life Model Parameters for Multi-Axial Fatigue of Cast Aluminum Alloys (GM Funded Project No.1314)
2) Study of Microstructure and Uniaxial & Multiaxial Fatigue Properties for A319 Casting Aluminum alloy (Open Research Fund from the State Key Laboratory of Rolling and Automation, Grant No.: 2016008)
3)The Development of a composited pipe with carbon fibers and light metal (Funded by Anhui Huagang Metallurgical Technology Co. LTD)



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[2]Xiaoshan Liu,Guoqiu He,Xiangqun Ding,Defeng Mo and Weihua Zhang. Fatigue behavior and dislocation substructures for 6063 aluminum alloy under nonproportional loadings. International Journal of Fatigue,2009,31(7):1190-1195
[3]K.L.Fan,G.Q.He,X.S.Liu,B.Liu,M.She,Y.L.Yuan,Y.Yang,Q.Lu,Tensile and fatigue properties of gravity casting aluminum alloys for engine cylinder heads. Materials Science andEngineering:A,2013,586:78-85
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