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Research Fields:

1)Biomass polymer material - preparation, modification and application of polylactic acid;
2)Research and application of nano and biomedical materials such as tissue repair, drug/gene targeted delivery, tumor diagnosis and imaging;
3)Research and application of bio-based polymer materials in fibers and textiles, packaging materials, engineering plastics, environmental-friendly buildings, automobiles and aircraft;
4)Research on advanced technology of polymer processing: reactive extrusion, electrospinning technology, supercritical fluid technology, microwave synthesis, etc.



Current Courses:

Undergraduate courses: "Polymer-based Composite Materials" and so on.
Postgraduate (Ph.D.) courses: “Biomedical Polymers”, “Degradable and Absorbing Polymer Materials”, and “Modern Materials Research Methods”




1) National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program - Target Oriented) Project "Development Technology of Direct Polycondensation of Polylactic Acid and Development of Serialized Brand Products";
2) National High Technology Research and Development Program ("Twelfth Five-Year Plan 863 Program") "New Nano-drug and Treatment Technology Research";
3) National Science and Technology Research Project-Expo Technology Special Project “Key Preparation Technology and Application of Green Total Degradable Materials”;
4) National Development and Reform Commission High-tech Industrialization Special Project “National Biomass Engineering High-tech Industrialization Specialization---An annual output of 10,000 tons of biomass material-polylactic acid”;
5) Shanghai's first batch of “Science and Education Development” major scientific and technological industry research project “Biodegradable Materials – Industrial Development of Polylactic Acid”;
6) Shanghai Major Basic Research Project “Preparation and Characterization of Tissue Engineering Scaffold Materials and Their Applications in Bone and Vascular Tissue Engineering”;
7) Shanghai Science and Technology Star and its follow-up plan “Research on industrial preparation technology of biodegradable polylactic acid”;
8) New Century Excellent Talents Project of the Ministry of Education.
9) Shanghai nanometer project "Preparation technology of nano drug delivery system based on magnetocaloric effect and its application in tumor thermochemotherapy";
10) Shanghai High-tech Industrialization Project “Biodegradable Polylactic Acid Modification and Industrialized Production of Serialized Grade Resin”;
(11) Shanghai Automotive Industry Technology Development Fund (in cooperation with SAIC) “Development and Industrialization of Full Biodegradable Composite Automotive Interior Parts”;
(12) The Boeing Company's cooperation project "Development of Bio-resin and Composite Materials for Aircraft Interiors".





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