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Polymer synthesis; Membrane; Polyimide



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《Composite Interface》




Design and Properties of the Microphase Controlled Sulfonated Polybenzimidazole-block- Polyimide for Proton Exchange Membrane. National Nature Foundation, 51303134




1.HY Pan, SQ Chen, M Jin*,  JP Malval*, DC Wan, F Morlet-Savary. A substituent para-to-ortho positioning effect drives the photoreactivity of a dibenzothiophene-based oxalate series used as LED-excitable free radical photoinitiators. Polymer Chemistry, 2019,10(13): 1599-1609.
2.S.X. Chen, H.Y. Pan*, Z.H. Chang, M. Jin, H.T. Pu. Synthesis and study of pyridine-containing sulfonated polybenzimidazole multiblock copolymer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Ionics, 2019, 25(5): 2255–2265.
3.H.Y. Pan*, S.X. Chen, M. Jin, Z.H. Chang, H.T. Pu. Preparation and Properties of Sulfonated Polybenzimidazole-Polyimide Block Copolymers as Electrolyte Membranes. Ionics, 2018, 24(6): 1629-1638.
4.Z. H. Chang, H. Yan, J. Tian, H.Y. Pan*, H.T. Pu. The effect of electric field on the oxidative degradation of polybenzimidazole membranes using electro-Fenton test. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 2017, 138: 98-105.
5.H.Y. Pan, S.X. Chen, Y.Y. Zhang, M. Jin, Z.H. Chang*, H.T. Pu. Preparation and Properties of the Cross-linked Sulfonated Polyimide Containing Benzimidazole as Electrolyte Membranes in Fuel Cells. Journal of Membrane Science. 2015,476: 87-94.
6.H.Y. Pan*, Y.Y. Zhang, H.T. Pu, Z. H. Chang. Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Proton Exchange Membrane Based on Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes and Sulfonated Polyimides Containing Benzimidazole. Journal of Power Sources. 2014, 263: 195-202.
7.H.Y. Pan, H.T. Pu*, M. Jin, D.C. Wan, A.D. Modestov. Semi-Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Based-on End-Group Crosslinked Fluorine-Containing Polyimide via Click Chemistry. Electrochimi. Acta. 2013, 89: 577-584.
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11.H.Y. Pan, X.L. Zhu*, X.G. Jian. Synthesis and Properties of Sulfonated Copoly (phthalazinone ether imides) As Electrolyte Membranes in Fuel Cells. Electrochimica Acta. 2010, 55(3), 709-714.
12.H.Y. Pan, X.L. Zhu*, X.G. Jian, J.W. Chen. Synthesis of Fluoro-containing Sulfonated Poly (Phthalazinone Ether Ketone Ketone)s and their Properties as PEM in PEMFC&DMFC. Journal of Membrane Science. 2009, 326(2), 453-459.









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