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Research Fields:

1) Organic synthesis, especially the design and preparation of photosensitive small molecules;

2) Polymer synthesis, especially preparation of functional polymer films, coatings, inks, photoresists, etc. by photoinitiated polymerization;

3) Photochemistry and photophysics Research; 4) Polymer chemistry and polymer physics research.
  So far, more than 100 papers have been published in SCI in Mater. Chem, Chem. Commun. JPCC, JMCC, etc. cited more than 2,000 times, H-Index: 26. He has applied for more than 40 invention patents (8 items were authorized). He has hosted 4 national natural science funds, 2 talent projects of Tongji University, and 1 horizontal project.        


Current Courses:

       Polymer physics and chemistry, Surface physics chemistry, etc.      



1) Zhejiang Yangfan New Materials Co., Ltd. Development of new photoinitiator molecules, 2017/9-2019/9, 1 million Yuan, under research;
2) The National Natural Science Foundation of China (51873154), Synthesis and properties of a variety of photoinitiators based on 4-methyl pyrano[3,2-c]carbazol-2(7H)-one and its isomers 2019/01-2022/12, 760,000 yuan, under research;
3) The National Natural Science Foundation of China (51573139), Low energy photon excitable sulfonate ester-based Photoacid generators: design, synthesis and their properties 2016/01-2019/12, 762,000 yuan, under research;
4) The National Natural Science Foundation of China (51173134), Molecular Engineering of Sulfonium-based Two-photon Photoacid Generators: the Design and Synthesis of Molecules and Their Application in Photoinitiated Cationic Polymerization, 2012/01-2015/12, 600,000 yuan, Completed;
5) The National Natural Science Foundation of China, (20902069), Design, synthesis and optical properties of two-photon excited photoacid generators, 2010/01-2012/12, 190,000 yuan, Completed;        



1. Zhou R, Malval J P, Jin M*, et al. A two-photon active chevron-shaped type I photoinitiator designed for 3D stereolithography[J]. Chemical Communications, 2019, 55(44): 6233-6236.        

2. Jin M*, Xie JC, Malval JP*, et al. wo-photon lithography in visible and NIR ranges using multibranched-based sensitizers for efficient acid generation, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2(34), 7201-7215, 2014.        

3. Xia, RJ; Malval, JP; Jin, M*; Pu HT; Wan DC; et al. Enhancement of Acid Photogeneration Through a Para-to-Meta Substitution Strategy in a Sulfonium-Based Alkoxystilbene Designed for Two-Photon Polymerization, Chemistry of Materials, 24(2), 237-244, 2012.






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