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Research Fields:

      Peptide Self-assembly;    

       Biomedical Materials;      

      Peptide based Nanorobots    



Current Courses:

Functional Polymeric Materials




1.Shanghai Eastern Scholar
2.National Natural Science Foundation of China (51803152)
3.Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai (19ZR1478800)




1. Fan, Z.; Sun, L. M.; Huang, Y. J.; Wang, Y. Z.; Zhang, M. J.*, Bioinspired Fluorescent Dipeptide Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Cell Imaging and Real-Time Monitoring of Drug Release. Nature Nanotechnology 2016, 11, 388-394. (IF: 37.49,ESI highly cited, highlighted by News and Views in Nature Nanotechnology)
2. Fan, Z.; Chang, Y.; Cui, C. C.; Sun, L. M.; Wang, D. H.; Pan, Z.*; Zhang, M. J.*, Near Infrared Fluorescent Peptide Nanoparticles for Enhancing Esophageal Cancer Therapeutic Efficacy. Nature Communications 2018, 9: 2605.
2. Tao, K.#; Fan, Z.#; Sun, L. M.; Makam, P.; Tian, Z.; Ruegsegger, M.; Shaham-Niv, S.; Hansford, D.; Aizen, R.; Pan, Z.; Galster, S.; Ma, J. J.; Yuan, F.; Si, M. S.; Qu, S. N.; Zhang, M. J.*; Gazit, E.*, Li, J. B.*, Quantum Confined Peptide Assemblies with Tunable Visible to Near-Infrared Spectral Range. Nature Communications 2018, 9: 3217.
4. Fan, Z.; Shelton, M.; Singh, A. K.; Senapati, D.; Khan, S. A.; Ray, P. C.*, Multifunctional Plasmonic Shell–Magnetic Core Nanoparticles for Targeted Diagnostics, Isolation, and Photothermal Destruction of Tumor Cells. ACS Nano 2012, 6, 1065-1073.
5. Ray, P. C.*; Fan, Z.; Crouch, R. A.; Sinha, S. S.; Pramanik, A., Nanoscopic Optical Rulers Beyond the FRET Distance Limit: Fundamentals and Applications. Chemical Society Reviews 2014, 43, 6370-6404.
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7. Fan, Z.; Kanchanapally, R.; Ray, P. C.*, Hybrid Graphene Oxide Based Ultrasensitive SERS Probe for Label-Free Biosensing. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 2013, 4, 3813-3818.
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9. Fan, Z.; Dai, X. M.; Lu, Y. F.; Yu, E.; Brahmbatt, N.; Carter, N.; Tchouwou, C.; Singh, A. K.; Jones, Y.; Yu, H. T.; Ray, P. C.*, Enhancing Targeted Tumor Treatment by NIR Light-Activatable Photodynamic–Photothermal Synergistic Therapy. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2014, 11, 1109-1116.
10. Fan, Z.; Senapati, D.; Singh, A. K.; Ray, P. C.*, Theranostic Magnetic Core–Plasmonic Shell Star Shape Nanoparticle for the Isolation of Targeted Rare Tumor Cells from Whole Blood, Fluorescence Imaging, and Photothermal Destruction of Cancer. Molecular Pharmaceutics 2012, 10, 857-866.
11. Fan. Z.; Khan, S. A.; Dai, X. M.; Tchouwou, C.; Lu, Y. F.; Ray, P. C.*, Theranostic Nanoplatforms for MRSA Detection and Destruction from Whole Blood. Particle & Particle Systems Characterization 2014 , 31, 357-364.
12. Fan, Z.; Fu, P. P.; Yu, H. T.; Ray, P. C.*, Theranostic Nanomedicine for Cancer Detection and Treatment. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 2014, 22, 3-17.  












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