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  • Name:Zhenzi Jing
  • Phone: 021-6958-0264
  • Fax: 021-6958-0264
  • Email:zzjing@tongji.edu.cn
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  • Title:Professor

Research Fields:

Ecomaterials;  Wastes disposal;  Function materials.
In details:
1) Intelligent air conditioning building materials
Mimicking the characteristics of warming in winter but cooling in summer for cave dwellings, the intelligent building materials were synthesized hydrothermally and this material also could  provide smart properties of  energy saving, comfortable and safe living for buildings.
2) Biocompatible purification materials for sewage treatment
Inspired by the integrated adsorption/degradation purification performances of porous paddy soil, the paddy-soil-like superior purification material was hydrothermally synthesized for sewage treatment, which could give play to both inorganic adsorption and organic decomposition, and also reduce the sludge production to the maximum extent.
3) Treatment of nuclear wastes
Considering the geological evolution of pollucite to soil, the Cs-polluted soil (or incineration ash) has been hydrothermally converted into pollucite for  immobilization of the radioactive Cs. This technique can provide a safe disposal method for radioactive Cs especially for the case of Fukushima in Japan.
4) Hydrothermal solidification of inorganic wastes to building materials
Simulating the diagenetic process of sedimentary rocks underground, the solid wastes such as fly ash, municipal incinerator refuse ash, slag, waste ceramics/glass, sewage sludge and alluvial sediment could be hydrothermally solidified into functional building materials and revetment materials.
5) Hydrothermal remediation of contaminated urban brownfield into soils
Based on the geological evolution of soil, the polluted soil (brownfield) was hydrothermally reconstructed and converted into environmental minerals, e.g. zeolites, which have the capability of  immobilizing the contaminated heavy metals in-situ within its structure. This study might provide a quick method for soil remediation, especially for the remediation of urban brownfield.
6) Recycling of CO2
CO2 is recognized as a new type of carbon source because of non-toxic, extensive sources and low cost. CO2 could be converted into valuable carbonaceous substances and various chemicals, e.g. graphite and graphene at low temperature.



Current Courses:





1) Study on hydrothermal synthesis of environmental super low-load and mesoporous materials (NSFC,50872096);
2) Hydrothermal synthesis of biocompatible materials for sewage purification (NSFC,51072138);
3) Low temperature hydrothermal synthesis of rock to immobilize radioactive wastes (NSFC,51272180);
4) Structural immobilization of heavy metals in soil by zeolites hydrothermally converted from the soil (NSFC,51872206).




1) Yi Li; Fangming Jin*; Lili Pan; Mingzhao Cheng; Wenqi Zhang; Zhenzi Jing*,Bioinspired paddy-soil-like superior purification materials for sewage treatment,Materials Letters, 2019, 254: 226-229.
2) Jing Ma; Zhenzi Jing*; Ke Wu; Mingzhao Cheng; Yufeng Wu*, A biocompatible diatomite-based material with yeast implantation for dye adsorption,MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS, 2019, 6(9)
3) Yuqian Chen; *Zhenzi Jing; Kunchuan Cai; Jian Li, Hydrotherma conversion of Cs-polluted soil into pollucite for Cs immobilization, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018, 336: 503-509.
4) *Zhenzi Jing; Kunchuan Cai; Yan Li; Junjie Fan; Yi Zhang; Jiajun Miao; Yuqian Chen; Fangming Jin, Hydrothermal synthesis of pollucite, analcime and their solid solutions and analysis of their properties, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2017, 488: 63-69.
5) Junjie Fan; * Zhenzi Jing; Yi Zhang; Jiajun Miao; Yuqian Chen; Fangming Jin,Mild hydrothermal synthesis of pollucite from soil for immobilization of Cs in situ and its characterization, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2016, 304:344-350.
6) *Zhenzi Jing; Wenbo Hao; Xiaojun He; Junjie Fan; Yi Zhang; Jiajun Miao; Fangming Jin, A novel hydrothermal method to convert incineration ash into pollucite for the immobilization of a simulant radioactive cesium,Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2016, 306:220-229.
7) Yi Zhang; *Zhenzi Jing; Tomohito Kameda; Toshiaki Yoshioka, Hydrothermal synthesis of hardened diatomite-based adsorbents with analcime formation for methylene blue adsorption, Rsc Advances, 2016, 6(32): 26765-26774.



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