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  • Name:Jia Huang
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  • Email:huangjia@tongji.edu.cn
  • Personal home page:http://web.tongji.edu.cn/~huangjia/
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Research Fields:

Organic semiconductors and organic electronics; Flexible electronics  


Current Courses:

Functional and Special Polymers (undergraduate)

Functional Polymers (graduate)



1) National Natural Science Foundation of China      

2) The Science & Technology Foundation of Shanghai



1. Shilei Dai, Yiwei Zhao, Yan Wang, Junyao Zhang, Lu Fang, Shu Jin, Yinlin Shao*, Jia Huang*. Recent Advances in Transistor-Based Artificial Synapses. Advanced Functional Materials. (2019) Accepted. DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201903700.          

2. Qianqian Shi, Dapeng Liu, Yan Wang, Yiwei Zhao, Xiaowei Yang, and Jia Huang*. High-performance sodium-ion battery anode via rapid microwave carbonization of natural cellulose nanofibers with graphene initiator. Small. (2019) Accepted. DOI: 10.1002/smll.201901724.          

3. Dapeng Liu, Qianqian Shi, Shu Jin, Yinlin Shao and Jia Huang*. Self-assembled core-shell structured organic nanofibers fabricated by single-nozzle electrospinning for highly sensitive ammonia sensors. InfoMat. (2019) Accepted.        

4. Yingli Chu, Yantao Chen, Jiachen Zhou, Bilei Zhou and Jia Huang*. Efficient and Stable Perovskite Photodetectors Based on Thiocyanate Assisted Film Formation. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. (2019) 11 (16), 14510.        

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8. Shilei Dai, Yingli Chu, Dapeng Liu, Fei Cao, Xiaohan Wu, Jiachen Zhou, Bilei Zhou, Yantao Chen, and Jia Huang*. Intrinsically ionic conductive cellulose nanopapers applied as all solid dielectrics for low voltage organic transistors. Nature Communications. (2018) 9, 2737.        

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40. Huang, J.; Miragliotta, J.; Becknell, A.; Katz, H.E*. Hydroxy-terminated organic semiconductor blend-based field-effect transistors for phosphonate vapor. Journal of the American Chemical Society. (2007) 129, 9366.        








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