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  • Name:Jing Fu
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  • Email:jingfu@tongji.edu.cn
  • Personal home page:https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jing_Fu16
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Research Fields:

Her current research interest is to employ electrochemistry, materials science and nanotechnology to tackle the challenges in electrochemical energy storage and conversion. She strives to understand material structures and properties at solid/liquid interfaces under electrochemical conditions and to establish design principles for new and improved battery materials and electrocatalysts for the electrochemical conversion reactions of oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and zinc.  


Current Courses:





1.Bifunctional electrocatalysts for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
2.Advanced zinc electrodes for zinc ion batteries
3.Solid electrolytes for flexible batteries  



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2.Liu, J., Peng, L., Zhou, Y., Lv, L.,* Fu, J.,* Lin, J., Guay, D., Qiao, J.* (2019) Metal-organic frameworks derived Cu/Cu2O catalyst with ultrahigh current density for continuous-flow CO2 electroreduction, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 7 (18), 15739-15746.
3.Fu, J., Hassan, F. M., Zhong, C., Lu, J., Liu, H., Chen, Z. W.* (2017) Defect Engineering of Chalcogen-Tailored Oxygen Electrocatalysts for Rechargeable Quasi-Solid-State Zinc Air Batteries. Advanced Materials, 29 (35), 1702526.
4.Fu, J., Zachary, P. C., Park, M. G., Chen, Z. W.* (2017) Electrically rechargeable zinc-air batteries: progress, challenges and perspectives. Advanced Materials,29 (7), 1604685.  
5.Fu, J., Hassan, F. M., Li, J., Lee, D. U., Ghannoum, A. R., Lui, G., Hoque, M. A., Chen, Z. W.* (2016) Flexible rechargeable zinc-air batteries through morphological emulation of human hair array. Advanced Materials, 28, 6421-6428.
6.Fu, J., Zhang, J., Song, X., Zarrin, H., Tian, X., Qiao, J., Rasen, L., Li, K., Chen, Z. W.* (2016) A flexible solid-state electrolyte for wide-scale integration of rechargeable zinc-air batteries. Energy & Environmental Science, 9, 663-670.
7.Fu, J., Lee, D. U., Hassan, F. M., Yang, L., Bai, Z.Y., Park, M. G., Chen, Z. W.* (2015) Flexible high-energy polymer-electrolyte-based rechargeable zinc-air batteries. Advanced Materials, 27, 5617-5622.
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11.Lee, D. U., Fu, J., Park, M.G., Liu, H., Kashkooli, A. G., Chen, Z. W.* (2016) Self-Assembled NiO/Ni(OH)2 Nanoflakes as Active Material for High-Power and High-Energy Hybrid Rechargeable Battery. Nano letters, 16(3), 1794-1802.  




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