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Improvement of freeze-thaw damage of concrete
Self-healing properties and performance of cement-based materials  


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1) Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai (18ZR1441500)
2) National Natural Science Foundation of China (51308407, 51878481)              



1) Wenting Li, Chaowei Ling, Zhengwu Jiang, Qian-qian Yu. Evaluation of the potential use of form-stable phase change materials to improve the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete. Construction and Building Materials 203 (2019) 621–632.
2) Wenting Li, Biqin Dong, Zhengxian Yang, Jing Xu, Qing Chen, Haoxin Li, Feng Xing, and Zhengwu Jiang*, Recent Advances in Intrinsic Self-Healing Cementitious Materials. ADVANCED MATERIALS,2018,30(17), SI, 1705679
3) Li, Wenting; Jiang, Zhengwu; Yang, Zhenghong.  Acoustic characterization of damage and healing of microencapsulation-based self-healing cement matrices Cement & Concrete Composites 2017, 84: 48-61.
4) Wenting Li, Mohammad Pour-Ghaz*, Pavel Trtik, Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Beat Münch, Pietro Lura, Peter Vontobel, Eberhard Lehmann, W. Jason Weiss. Using neutron radiography to assess water absorption in air entrained mortar. Construction and Building Materials 2016,110: 98–105.
5) Wenting Li, Zhengwu Jiang, Zhenghong Yang, Haitao Yu*. Effective mechanical properties of self-healing cement matrices with microcapsules. Materials and Design 2016,95:422–430.
6) Wenting Li, Xujing Zhu, Nan Zhao and Zhengwu Jiang*. Preparation and Properties of Melamine Urea-Formaldehyde Microcapsules for Self-Healing of Cementitious Materials. Materials 2016,9(3): 152.
7) Haitao Yu, Zhengbo Wang, Yong Yuan & Wenting Li*. Numerical analysis of internal blast effects on underground tunnel in soils. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering 2016,12(9):1090–1105.
8) Wenting Li; Zhengwu Jiang*; Zhenghong Yang; Jinyang Jiang; Wei Sun; and Zilong Deng. Interactive Effect of Mechanical Fatigue Load and the Fatigue Effect of Freeze-Thaw on Combined Damage of Concrete. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 2015,27(8): 04014230
9) Zhengwu Jiang, Wenting Li*, Zhengcheng Yuan. Influence of mineral additives and environmental conditions on the self-healing capabilities of cementitious materials. Cement & Concrete Composites 2015,57:116–127
10) Wenting Li, Zhengwu Jiang*, Zhenghong Yang, Nan Zhao, Weizhong Yuan. Self-healing Efficiency of Cementitious Materials Containing Microcapsules filled with Healing Adhesive: Mechanical Restoration and Healing Process Monitored by Water Absorption. PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(11): e81616
11) Zhengwu JIANG, Wenting LI*, Zilong DENG, Zhiguo YAN. Experimental investigation of the factors affecting accuracy and res-olution of the pore structure of cement based materials by thermo-porometry. Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A (Applied Physics & Engineering). 2013, 14(10):720-730.
12) Wenting Li*, Wei Sun, Jinyang Jiang. Damage of concrete experiencing flexural fatigue load and closed freeze/thaw cycles simultaneously.  Construction and Building Materials. 2011(25): 2604-2610.
13) Wenting Li*, Wei Sun, Jinyang Jiang. Damage of concrete subjected to simultaneous fatigue load and thermal effect. Magazine of Concrete Research. 2012, 64(1):35-42.
14) Wenting Li, Mohammad Pour-Ghaz, Javier Castro, Jason Weiss*. Water absorption and critical degree of saturation as it relates to freeze-thaw damage in concrete pavement joints. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 2012, 24(3): 299-307.
15) Robert P. Spragg, Javier Castro, Wenting Li, Mohammad Pour-Ghaz, Pao-Tsung Huang, Jason Weiss. Wetting and drying of concrete using aqueous solutions containing deicing salts. Cement and Concrete Composites. 2011, 33(5): 535-542.
16) Javier Castro, Wenting Li, Mohammad Pour-Ghaz, Mike Golias, Bernie Tao, Hongfang Sun, and W. Jason Weiss. Durability of Saw-Cut Joints in Plain Cement Concrete Pavements. Joint Transportation Research Program Technical report series. Purdue University, Civil Engineering, 2011.  






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