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Research Fields:

Synthesis and modification of functional polymer materials



Current Courses:

Foundation of Material Engineering




《Foundation of Material Engineering》teaching reform




1.LinLiu, Wang Jie. Study on hydroxyapatite with modification of dimer acid Journal of Tongji University (Natura science edition),2013,41(12):1861-1864
2.Lin Liu, Yixin Gao. Preparation and Thermal Properties of Graphene/PI Nanocomposites. Micro and  Nanosystems, 2015, 7(1): 55-59
3.Lin Liu; Mingtao Fu ; Zhengzhou Wang. Synthesis of boron-containing toughening agents and their application in phenolic foams. Industrial and Engneering Chenistry Reseach 2015,54,1962-1970
4.Lin Liu; Mingtao Fu. Synthesis and characterization of a flame-retardant toughening agent containing boron  for phenolic foams Journal of building materials 2016.19(3):511-516
5.Lin Liu; Xiangjun Ma; Rui Lv; Zhengzhou Wang. Synthesis and characterization of expandable graphite-silicon-DOPO composite and its application in rigid polyurethane foams Advances in Engineering Research, volume 129 ICEESD 2017 (6th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development)
6.Lin Liu, Yiyao Wang, and Yixin Gao. Preparation and characteristics of TFMB functionalized graphene oxide/polyimide nanocomposite films. Advances in Materials, Machinery, Electronics II AIP Conference Proceedings 2018(1955):1-7
7.Lin Liu* and Rui Lv Synthesis of a DOPO-triazine additive and its flame-retardant effect in rigid polyurethane foam.  e-Polymers 2019; 19: 235–243
8.Lin Liu, Siyu Shen* and Yiyao Wang Enhanced thermal conductivity of flexible h-BN/ polyimide composites films with ethyl cellulose. e-Polymers 2019; 19: 305–312
9. Lin Liu, Yiyi Chen Toughening Study of Epoxy Structural Reinforcement Adhesive in Concrete at Room Temperature Materials Science and Engineering 585 (2019) 012023:153-158









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