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Research Fields:

Cement chemistry

Microstructure characterization of materials


Current Courses:

Cementitious Materials and Manufacture Technology (in English)
Civil Engineering Materials
Experiments for Civil Engineering Materials
Modern research methods of materials





1.The synchrotron X-ray microtomography characterization and quantitative analysis of 3D microstructure of blended cement pastes (National Nature Science Foundation of China, 51102181)
2.The chemical and physical basis of composite optimization of cement clinker and supplementary cementitious materials (973 Program, 2001CB610704)
3.Effect of chemical composition of composite cement on volume stability of hardened cement paste (Cooperation projects between provinces and cities, 20111007)  






1.Yongjuan Zhao, Xianping Liu, Bo Chen, Fei Yang, Yongming Zhang, Peiming Wang and Ian Robinson. Three-Dimensional Characterization of hardened paste of hydrated tricalcium silicate by serial block-face scanning electron microscopy. Materials, 2019, 12: 1882
2.Xianping Liu, Wei Lin, Bo Chen, Fucai Zhang, Piqi Zhao, Aaron Parsons, Christoph Rau and Ian Robinson. Coherent diffraction study of calcite crystallization during the hydration of tricalcium silicate, Materials and Design. 2018, 157: 251~257
3.Xianping Liu, Miguel A.G. Aranda, Bo Chen, Peiming Wang, Ross Harder and Ian Robinson. In situ bragg coherent diffraction imaging study of a cement phase microcrystal during hydration. Crystal growth & Design, 2015, 15: 3087~3091
4.Liu X P, Wang P M and Ding M J. Hydration process of Portland cement blended with activated coal gangue. J Zhejiang Univ-Sci A (Appl Phys & Eng), 2011, 12(7): 495~574
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6.Liu Xianping and Wang Peiming. Hydration process and properties difference of activated coal gangue cement and fly ash cement. Journal of Building Materials, 2010, 13(3): 371~375
7.Liu Xianping and Wang Peiming. Interface structure of Portland coal gangue blended cement. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2008, 36(1): 105~112
8.Wang Peiming, Liu Xianping, Hu Shuguang, Lü Linnü and Ma Baoguo. Hydration models of Portland coal gangue cement and Portland fly ash cement. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2007, 35(S1): 180~186
9.Liu Xianping, Wang Peiming, Chen Hongxia and Wu Jianguo. Application of atomic force microscope in study of hydration products in early hydration stage of cement clinker minerals. Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, 2004, 32(3): 327~333
10.Liu Xian-ping and Wang Pei-ming. Styrene-butadiene emulsion modified gypsum. Journal of Building Materials. 2004, 7(4): 451~456


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