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  • Name:Xianshun Wei
  • Phone:021-69580147-604
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  • Title:Associate Professor

Contact Information

Name: Xianshun Wei

Telephone: 021-69580147-604


Personal Home Page:

TitleAssociate Professor

Research Fields:

3D printing; Bulk metallic glass; Amorphous alloy coating; Thin film materials.

Current Courses

1. Principle of heat treatment;

2. Technology and equipment for the processing of metal materials;

3. Material surface and film technology;

4. Advanced manufacturing technology for metallic materials.


1. NSFC grant for “Research on deposition behaviors of Fe-based amorphous alloy particles under air-fuel supersonic flame jet”.

2. Shanghai Pujiang talent program grant for “The effects of metastable phases on the phase transformation in Ti-Mg supersaturated solid solution”.

3. NSFC grant for “Mechanism of abnormal wear for brake discs under extreme ice and snow conditions”.

4. National key research and development program grant for “Study on environment adaptability of fuel cell engine at low and high temperature”.


1. X.S. Wei*, J.L. Jin, Z.Z. Jiang*, D.D. Liang, J. Shen. FeCrMoWCBY metallic glass with high corrosion resistance in molten lead-bismuth eutectic alloy. Corrosion Science 190 (2021) 109688.

2. H.R. Jiang, B. Bochtler, M. Frey, Qi Liu, X.S. Wei*, Y. Min, S.S. Riegler, D.D. Liang, R. Busch, J. Shen. Equilibrium viscosity and structural change in the Cu47.5Zr45.1Al7.4 bulk glass-forming liquid. Acta Materialia, 184 (2020) 69-78.

3. X.S. Wei*, Y. Dong, D.D. Qu, T.C. Ma, J. Shen. Effect of Deposition Parameters on Microstructure of the Ti-Mg Immiscible Alloy Thin Film Deposited by Multi-Arc Ion Plating. Metals. 9 (2019) 1229-1240.

4. X.S. Wei*, C.X. Ying, J. Wu, H.R. Jiang, B. Yan, J. Shen. Fabrication, corrosion and mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered Cu-Zr-Al metallic glass thin film. Materials. 12 (2019) 4147-4159.

5. H.R. Jiang, M.L. Li, X.S. Wei*, T.C. Ma, Y. Dong, C.X. Ying, Z.Y. Liao, J. Shen. Numerical Investigation of In-Flight Behavior of Fe-Based Amorphous Alloy Particles in AC-HVAF Thermal Spray Process. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology. 28 (2019) 1146-1159.

6. H.R. Jiang, X.S. Wei*, W.F. Lu, D.D. Liang, Z.H. Wen, Z. Wang, H.P. Xiang, J. Shen. Design of Cu-Zr-Al and Cu-Zr-Al-Sn bulk amorphous alloys with high glass-forming ability. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 521 (2019) 119531.

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10. A. Zafari, X.S. Wei, W. Xu, K. Xia. Formation of nanocrystalline structure in metastable beta Ti alloy during high pressure torsion: the role of stress induced martensitic transformation. Acta Materialia. 97(2015) 146-155.

11. X.S. Wei, W. Xu, K. Xia, Metastable orthorhombic phases at ambient pressure in mechanically milled pure Ti and Ti-Mg, Scripta Materialia. 93(2014) 32-35.

12. X.S. Wei, B. Vekshin, V. Kraposhin, Y.J. Huang, J. Shen, K. Xia. Full Density Consolidation of Pure Aluminium Powders by Cold Hydro-Mechanical Pressing. Materials Science and Engineering A. 528 (2011) 5784-5789.

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