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  • Name:Heming Fang
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  • Email: fangminghe1990@tongji.edu.cn
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Micro-nano processing
Nano optical devicesry  


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1.Minghe Fang, Yabin Hao, Zhe Ying, Han Wang, Hui-Ming Cheng, You Zeng. Controllable edge modification of multi-layer graphene for improved dispersion stability and high electrical conductivity. Applied Nanoscience, 2019, 1-9.
2.Minghe Fang, Xuhai Xiong, Yabin Hao, Tengxin Zhang, Han Wang, Hui-Ming Cheng, You Zeng. Preparation of highly conductive graphene-coated glass fibers by sol-gel and dip-coating method. Journal of Material Science and Technology, 2019, 35(9): 1989-1995.















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