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  • Name:Wei Zhou
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  • Email: fangminghe1990@tongji.edu.cn
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Research Fields:

Concrete Material and Structure
Concrete Structure Durability
Uderground Ant Nests Materials And Structure    


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1.Wei Zhou, Peng Zhu, Wenjun Qu. Basic Properties of Calcined Underground Ant Nest Materials and Its Influence on the Compressive Strength of Concrete[J]. Materials . 2019, 12(7), 1191.
2.Wenjun Qu, Wei Zhou, Peng Zhu, Zhi Zhang. Model of underground ant nest structure using static and dynamic finite element analysis[J].Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica. 2018:1-14.
3.Zhou Wei,Qu Wenjun,Zhang Zhi. The preliminary exploration of underground ant nest materials and structure[C]// Kelvin T.CSCE 2015 General Conference.Regina, 2015.















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