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Jianzhong Du

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Time 19:20 to 19:40 on March 24,2020 Venue Zoom meeting Participation link:https://zoom.com.cn/j/394294325 Conference id:394294325
Lecturer Jianzhong Du Topic Materials ‘stand up to heaven’


Time:19:20 to 19:40 on March 24,2020        

Venue: Zoom meeting Participation link:https://zoom.com.cn/j/394294325 Conference id:394294325

Topic:Materials ‘stand up to heaven’




Winner of National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, member of Royal Society of chemistry, Editorial Committee of Biomacrolecules Journal of American Chemical Society, member of polymer Discipline Committee of Chinese chemical society, and chairman of Polymer Materials Department of Tongji University. Doctor of the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, postdoctoral of the University of Sheffield and Cambridge, German Humboldt scholar, Professor of Tongji University since 2010 (Oriental scholar, special expert in Shanghai). 103 academic papers have been published in famous journals such as JACS, and the achievement of "sugar control" has attracted great attention of the academic community: the American Chemical Society has published news for it, the famous American science and technology news weekly chemical and Engineering News has reported the achievement, and the American student science news has adapted it into popular science books for teenagers. Main Honors: second prize of national science and technology progress, polymer science innovation Thesis Award of China Chemical Society, excellent tutor in my mind of Tongji University, excellent tutor of the 15th Shanghai special prize of challenge cup, excellent master's degree thesis tutor of Shanghai, excellent doctoral thesis tutor of China composite materials society, Shanghai Education Talent Award, etc.          






Materials create civilization, inherit culture and change the world. For thousands of years, materials have been inherited, developed, crossed and innovated, forming a unique material culture and supporting the development of the whole social economy. As a "stand up to heaven" discipline, material science attaches great importance to the foundation and keeps up with the forefront, which is the cornerstone of the era of social development and the real national important tool. Under the background of "new engineering", the school of materials science and engineering of Tongji University, based on the development strategy of "two wheel drive, talent leading", implements the innovation driven development, pays attention to the cultivation of compound talents, expands the cooperation of production, learning and research, and strives to build a first-class domestic and internationally famous discipline of materials science and engineering. This lecture will be led by five professional hotshots to roam the magical world of materials, introduce the cutting-edge application of material science and technology in battery energy, civil engineering, polymer and other fields in a lively form, from simple to deep, and experience the essence of Collaborative Cross and innovative development of material culture.



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