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The first lesson of the new students | Strengthen the safety awareness, and take the road of safety and well-being - the School of Materials Science and EngineeringLaboratory Safety Education Seminar

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At 10 am on August 27 th, the School of Materials Science and Engineering held the first lecture for the new student in order to strengthen laboratory safety management and the safety awareness of new laboratories. Mr. Ge Chenchen, the asset and laboratory safety management office of Tongji University Asset and Laboratory Management Office, was invited to give this lecture entitled "A New Era in the New Era and a Good Way to Go". The lecture was hosted by Mr. Zhou Long, the student work office of the college.

In this lecture, Mr. Ge combines the expertise in the field of laboratory safety management and the experience accumulated in peacetime work, from water and electricity safety, personal protection, chemical safety, biosafety, radiation safety, mechanical safety, electrical safety and other aspects. He clearly explained the hidden dangers of university laboratory safety management, the skills and attitudes that laboratory personnel must master.

Through this lecture, we hope the 2019 new students will further strengthen their safety awareness in the future Tongji life, strictly regulate the experimental practice, always pay attention to prevent safety hazards, and conscientiously abide by the relevant policies and documents of laboratory safety to provide safe for school teaching and research. The environment, creating a stable atmosphere, and being responsible for the lives of individuals and others, and taking the road to success.


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