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Research Fields:

Civil Engineering Materials, Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete, Energy-saving Materials


Current Courses:

1 Civil Engineering Materials
2 Functional Materials for Buildings
3 Energy-saving Materials for Buildings        



1) Thirteen Five National Key Research and Development Programs (2016YFB0303200)
2) The National Basic Research Program (973 Program) (2009CB623104)
3) The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) (2006AA05Z208), etc.          



1) Yiping Ma,Beirong Zhu,Muhua Tan, Properties of ceramic fiber reinforced cement composites, CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH, 2005, 35(2):296-300.

2) Yiping Ma, Beirong Zhu, Research on the preparation of reversibly thermochromic cement based materials at normal temperature, CEMENT AND CONCRETE RESEARCH, 2009, 39(2):90-94.
3) Ma, Yiping ; Li, Yuanshan ; Zhu, Beirong, Analysis of the thermal properties of air-conditioning-type building materials, SOLAR ENERGY, 2012, 86(10): 2967-2974.







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