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Research Fields:

Advanced civil engineering materials   Alkali activated cementitious materials   Utilization of solid wastes


Current Courses:

Civil Engineering Materials
Testing Technology of Materials
Structure and Performance of Civil Engineering Materials
Cement Chemistry        



1) National Key Research and Development Program of China (2016.7-2020.6)
2) Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai of China (2017.4-2020.3)
3) Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities of China (2018.1-2019.12)
4) National Natural Science Foundation of China (2015.1-2018.12)          



1) Xiaolu Guo, Tangjun Zhang, Meng Song. Hydrothermal synthesized and nano-modified wall materials from solid wastes[J]. Construction and Building Materials, 2019,217:242-250.
2) Xiaolu Guo, Xuejiao Pan. Mechanical properties and mechanisms of fibers reinforced fly ash - steel slag based geopolymer mortar[J]. Construction and Building Materials. 2018, 179: 633–641
3) Xiaolu Guo, Meng Song. Micro-nanostructures of tobermorite hydrothermal-synthesized from fly ash (FA) and municipal solid waste incineration fly ash (MSWIFY) [J], Construction and Building Materials.2018,191: 431–439
4) Xiaolu Guo, Fanjie Meng, Huisheng Shi. Microstructure and characterization of hydrothermal synthesis of Al-substituted tobermorite[J]. Construction and Building Materials.2017, 133:253-260
5) Xiaolu Guo, Huisheng Shi, Xue Wei. Pore properties, inner chemical environment, and microstructure of nano-modified CFA- WBP (class C fly ash-waste brick powder) based geopolymer[J]. Cement and Concrete Composites.2017,79:53-61
6) Xiaolu Guo, Liyan Zhang, Jiabao Huang,Huisheng Shi. Detoxification and solidification of heavy metal of chromium using fly ash-based geopolymer with chemical agents[J]. Construction and Building Materials. 2017,151:394-404
7) Xiaolu Guo, Huisheng Shi. Microstructure and heavy metal adsorption mechanisms of hydrothermally synthesized Al-substituted tobermorite[J]. Materials and Structures, 2017, 50:245-254.
8) Xiaolu Guo, Huisheng Shi. Research on preparing high-calcium fly ash-based geopolymers to encapsulate and bond heavy metals [M]. Shanghai: Tongji University Press.2017.8  






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