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Research Fields:

Advanced cement-based materials, including microbial self-healing concrete, cementitious composites modified by nano-particles, corrosion behavior and protection of reinforced concrete


Current Courses:

Civil Engineering Materials;
Intelligent Materials and Smart Life      



1) Investigation on the microbial precipitation material immobilized in hollow glass fibers used for self-healing of concrete cracks, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 51008227.
2) Corrosion protection of steel reinforced concrete based upon microbial self-repair material and its multi-scale modelling, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 51378011.
3) R&D of green preparation process and equipment for energy saving wall materials and parts, National Key Research and Development Program of China, Grant No. 2016YFC0700802-05.
4) Microbial precipitation applied in the corrosion protection of reinforced concrete, Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, Grant No. 20100072120032.
5) A bionic smart protection of reinforced concrete based on ureolysis type microorganisms, Shanghai Natural Science Foundation, Grant No. 17ZR1441900.              



1) Jing Xu, Xianzhi Wang. Self-healing of concrete cracks by use of bacteria-containing low alkali cementitious material. Construction and Building Materials, 2018, 167(10): 1-14. (JCR Q1)
2) Jing Xu, Xianzhi Wang, Binbin Wang. Biochemical process of ureolysis-based microbial CaCO3 precipitation and its application in self-healing concrete. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2018, 102(7):3121-3132. (JCR Q2)
3) Jing Xu, Binbin Wang, Junqing Zuo. Modification effects of nanosilica on the interfacial transition zone in concrete: A multiscale approach. Cement & Concrete Composites, 2017, 81(8): 1-10. (JCR Q1)
4) Jing Xu, David J Corr, Surendra P. Shah. Nano-scratch study of the modification effects of nanoSiO2 on C-S-H gel/cement grain interfaces. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 2017, 29(9): 1-7. (JCR Q2)
5) Jing Xu, David J Corr, Surendra P Shah. Nanomechanical investigation of the effects of nanoSiO2 on C-S-H gel/cement grain interfaces. Cement & Concrete Composites, 2015, 61(8): 7-17. (JCR Q1)
6) Jing Xu, Yali Du, Zhengwu Jiang, Anming She. Effects of Calcium Source on Biochemical Properties of Microbial CaCO3 Precipitation. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2015, 6(12): 1-7.  (JCR Q2)
7) Jing Xu, Wu Yao. Multiscale mechanical quantification of self-healing concrete incorporating non-ureolytic bacteria-based healing agent. Cement and Concrete Research, 2014, 64(10): 1-10. (JCR Q1)
8) Jing Xu, Wu Yao, Zhengwu Jiang. Non-ureolytic bacterial carbonate precipitation as a surface treatment strategy on cementitious materials. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 2014, 26(5): 983-991. (JCR Q2)
9) Jing Xu, Wu Yao. Nano-scratch as a new tool for assessing the nano-tribological behavior of cement composite. Materials and Structures, 2011,44(9):1703-1711. (JCR Q2)
10) Jing Xu, Wu Yao. Electrochemical studies on the performance of conductive anode material in cathodic protection of reinforced concrete. Construction and Building Materials, 2011, 25(5):2655-2662. (JCR Q1)
11) Jing Xu, Wu Yao, Ruiqing Wang. Nonlinear conduction in carbon fiber reinforced cement mortar. Cement and Concrete Composites, 2011, 33(3):444-448. (JCR Q1)
12) Jing Xu, Wenhui Zhong, Wu Yao. Modeling of conductivity in carbon fiber reinforced cement-based composite. Journal of Materials Science, 2010,45(13):3538-3546. (JCR Q2)
13) Jing Xu, Wu Yao. Current distribution in reinforced concrete cathodic protection system with conductive mortar overlay anode. Construction and Building Materials, 2009, 23(6):2220-2226. (JCR Q1)
14) Wenting Li, Biqing Dong, Zhengxian Yang, Jing Xu, Qing Chen, Haoxin Li, Feng Xing, Zhengwu Jiang. Recent Advances in Intrinsic Self-Healing Cementitious Materials. Advanced Materials, 2018, 30(17): 1-9. (JCR Q1)  






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