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Research Fields:

Proton exchange membrane fuel cell   Computational materials science   Micromechanics and nanomechanics

Current Courses:

Foundation of computational materials science
Solid state physics
Physical properties of materials  




1) National Natural Science Foundation of China (11502170) - Failure mechanism of membrane electrode assembly for proton exchange membrane fuel Cell
2) Special Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (20130072120068)- Mechanical reliability of graphene-based fuel cell electrode materials
3) Tongji University Young Talents Training Program - Mechanic stability of membrane electrodes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
4) Research Funds for the Central Universities - Multiscale study on compressive high ductility of fiber reinforced concrete
5) Tongji University Young Talents Training Plan - Theoretical study on the structural and tensile properties of carbon nanorings



1) Tang SQ, Feng C*, Shen J, Enhanced oxidation resistance of TiAlNbCr processed by isothermal forging, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, DOI: 10.1016/j.jallcom.2019.152174.
2) Feng C, Li Y, Qu KN, Zhang ZM, He PF, Mechanical behaviors of hydrated perfluorosulfonic acid membrane at meso and nano scales, RSC Advances 9, 2019, 9594-9603.
3) Li Yan, Feng C*, Qu KN, He PF, Effects of water and hydrogen content on the interaction mechanism between particles and the mechanical properties of a Nafion-based catalyst layer, Materials Research Express, 6, 2019, 08556-13.
4) Qu SJ, Tang SQ, Feng AH, Feng C, Shen J, Chen DL, Microstructural evolution and high-temperature oxidation mechanisms of a titanium aluminide based alloy, ACTA Materialia 148, 2018, 300-310.
5) Feng C, He PF, Moisture and thermal expansion properties and mechanism of interaction between ions of a Nafion-based membrane electrode assembly, RSC Advances 7, 2017, 34556-34566.
6) Tang SQ, Qu SJ, Feng AH, Feng C, Shen J, Chen DL, Core-multishell globular oxidation in a new TiAlNbCr alloy at high temperatures, Scientific Reports 7, 2017, 3483-8.
7) Feng C, He PF, The molecular model and structural stability study of a Nafion ionomer based membrane electrode assembly. Journal of Chemists & Chemical Engineers of Croatia- Chemistry in Industry 65, 2016, 457-464.
8) Feng C, He PF, Atomistic investigation on the diffusion mechanism of Pt nanoclusters on well-aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Computational Materials Science 103, 2015, 157-164.
9) Feng C, Wang JW, Cheng YM, He PF, Liew KM, Diffusion mechanism of platinum nanoclusters on well-aligned carbon nanotubes. RSC Advances 4, 2014, 60711-60719.
10) Feng C, Liew KM, He PF, Wu AH, Predicting mechanical properties of carbon nanosprings based on molecular mechanics simulation. Composite Structures 114, 2014, 41-50.
11) Feng C, He PF, Liew KM, Xu W, Predicted mechanical properties of carbon nanotube-based structures, International Journal of Applied Mechanics 6, 2014, 1450027-15.
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15) Feng C, Liew KM, Energetics and structures of carbon nanorings, Carbon 47, 2009, 1664-1669.
16) Feng C, Liew KM, A molecular mechanics analysis of buckling behavior of carbon nanorings under tension, Carbon 47, 2009, 3508-3514.
17) Liew KM, Feng C, Cheng YM, Kitipornchai S, Complex variable moving least-squares method: a meshless approximation technique. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 70, 2007, 46-70.
18) Zhang Z, Feng C, Liew KM, Three-dimensional vibration analysis of multilayered piezoelectric composite plates. International Journal of Engineering Science 44, 2006, 397-408.  


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