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Material and unconventional reservoir characterization


Current Courses:

Advanced Methods for Material Research  




1) The characterizations for the unconventional gas and oil reservoir (shale and tight sand)
2) The study on the mechanisms for the geochemical environmental interaction at a molecular scale



1) Zhou, B., Yang, P.-Q., Ferrante, G., Pasin, M., Steele, R., Bortolotti and Korb, J.-P. V. (2019a): Applying Fast-Field Cycling Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation to Petroleum Tight Sandstone Rocks. Energy & Fuels 33: 1016-1022.
2) Zhou, B., Zhao, Y.-L. and Qunwei Dai (2019b): Application of Comprehensive Multiphase NMR To Characterize Organic Matter in Clay and Atmospheric Particulates. ACS Earth Space Chem., 3: 2276-2286.
3) Zhou, B., Han, Q. and Yang, P.-Q. (2016): Characterization of Nanoporous Systems in Gas Shales by Low Field NMR Cryoporometry. Energy & Fuels, 30: 9122-9131. 




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