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Student donates anti-epidemic materials to the university

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The School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tongji Universityreceivedten large boxes loaded with protective clothing, sterilizers, masks, protective gloves and spray cansdonated by LUO Ziang, a current undergraduate student of 2018 on April 13. WANG Zhongping, the Party Secretary of the School met the donators at the entrance of Jiading campus and expressed his gratitude to LUO and his relative Gong Yifanfor their concern and generosity.

LUO thought of his teachers at Tongji University when witnessing difficultiesthat people around him were faced with in preparing the anti-epidemic materials for their return to work. He consideredit necessary to send some materials in need to Tongji. With the assistance of his cousin, he contacted the School of Materials Science and Engineeringand discussed about the details ofdonation channel and deliveryso that the materials could reach the School without bringing too much inconvenience to the administration at a time when the school was shut down.

On April 12,packsarrived at the Suzhou Logistics Hub. LUO and his family rushed there after hours of travelfrom their hometown in Henannext morning. They delivered the materialspersonallyto the Jiading campuswithout any delay.

LUO said, "my father had been busywith the preparation ofanti-epidemic materials before his school resumed. When I learned from him that the senior high school he works withhas prepared a large number of anti-epidemic materialsfor the daily disinfection on campus, I thought of my university that is much larger than ahigh school. The pressure my university is faced withfor resuming school must be much more severe, and considerably large amount ofprevention materials will be needed. It happens that my cousin works in acompany that producesepidemic prevention materials, which makesit easier for me to obtain them. That was how I came up with an idea of donating materials to the university, which was strongly supported by my family. We feel proud to be able to make our little contributions to the university's epidemic prevention work".

All the donated materials have been passed to the university epidemic prevention and control office which will make further arrangements along with other donations.

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