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The first lesson of freshmen | Combination of knowledge and action, the same, and the world - the School of Materials Science and Engineering carries out academic ethics education

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At 13:30 on August 27th, the 2019 graduate students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering opened the first lesson of the material professional journey in the lecture hall on the 2ndfloor of the Decai Hall - academic ethics education, the guest speaker is material science and Professor Wang Deping, department of Inorganic Materials, School of Engineering.

Professor Wang Deping particularly emphasized the importance of academic ethics and expounded the relationship between academics, norms and academic norms from the three levels of "what is academic", "what is normative" and "why academic norms". Academics are free, and academic norms are used to regulate evaluation mechanisms, not to regulate themselves. Finally, Professor Wang Deping specifically explained the academic ethics and academic norms we should abide by in academic behaviors and academic activities, and through the cases of academic misconduct, alerting students to academic misconduct will bring great benefits to their lives. Professor Wang Deping sent a deep message to all the new classmates of 2019 class: they are doing things righteously, seriously doing things, and striving for the harmony and unity of academics and degrees, human and education, scientific spirit and humanistic spirit.

The first lesson of the new student - the lecture on academic ethics came to an end in the warm applause. I hope that the class of 2019 will always maintain a pragmatic attitude on the road of scientific exploration in the future, with awe of science and cultivate science.


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