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Building enterprise platform for Tongji students——Exchange study to Chengdu Acer Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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On August 6th, Lingling Wang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Longzhou from the student work office, led the Chengdu team of the summer practice group from School of Materials Science and Engineering to Chengdu Acer Building Materials Co., Ltd. to conduct study exchanges, field research and promote the relationship between graduate alumni and the alma mater. With the aim to gain an in-depth understanding of the work of our three graduates, who were graduated at 2019from Tongji University.

In the morning, an in-depth discussion meeting at the headquarters of Acer Building Materials Co., Ltd. was conducted. The chairman and president of the company, Wu Yiyun, warmly welcomed the arrival of the teachers and students and outlined the grand vision and spirit of the company. Shen Juan, the assistant general manager of the company, cuts in from the market status and development trend of the commercial concrete industry in Chengdu, and introduces in detail the development history, product characteristics, emerging technologies and personnel training of the company. It highly praises the three graduates of our 2019 session.

We hope that through this enterprise survey, we will deeply understand the frontiers and directions of the material profession in the strategic development of the industry, enhance cooperation between schools and enterprises in production, study and research, and seek talent training and current social needs.



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