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Serve the national strategy and serve as the mission of the times——Interview with Tongji Alumnus Wu Mengxue

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On the morning of August 8 th, 2019, the Chengdu Branch of the Summer School Practice Group of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tongji University interviewed Wu Mengxue, a 2018 Sichuan selected student. Wu Mengxue Alumni is a Ph.D. student in materials science at the 2018 School of Materials Science and Engineering. When she graduated, she chose to return to her hometown to become a glorious Sichuan-selected student, currently working in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Dr. Wang Xiaofu, as a visiting visitor, started an interview with Wu Mengxue alumni from the aspects of Tongji campus life and selection of rehearsal work. In reviewing Tongji's life, Wu Mengxue alumni felt that they had helped and improved in many aspects in Tongji, and their mentor, Mr. Yao Wu, gave countless enlightenment and support in academics. At the same time, Wu Mengxue introduced their in the practice team and shared their experiences. She uses the "experiment" as a metaphor for the work link. She believes that work is like our engineering students doing experiments. In addition, she mentioned that as an elective student, she needs to maintain a positive and peaceful attitude, enthusiasm for continuous learning and clear and reasonable positioning, to do things in a down-to-earth manner and to serve the people wholeheartedly. She hopes that she can fully realize her personal value in her position, and she will realize the rapid development of Chengdu and witness the earth-shaking changes in Sichuang.

Through this interview, everyone is deeply aware of the necessity of combining personal ambitions with the destiny of the country. They have said that they are constantly learning to enrich themselves, enhance themselves, and precipitate themselves in campus life. In the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream, they will release their youthful dreams and shoulder the heavy responsibility of the times.



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