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Down-to-earth, Start from innovation——Record of Tongji Alumni Liu Guangyu and Li Yankuan

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On the morning of August 7 th, 2019, the Chengdu Branch of the Summer School Practice Group of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tongji University, under the leadership of Ms. Zhou Long, visited Tongji University, Longquan International Youth Venture Valley, Longquanyi District, and interviewed Liu Guangyu and Li Yankuan. Alumni.

Liu Guangyu alumnus graduated from Tongji University with a master's degree in thermal engineering in 2010. He entered Chengdu Tongchuanggu Incubator Co., Ltd. in 2015. He is currently the project director of the company and is responsible for the introduction, evaluation, incubation and promotion of incubator projects. Responsible for the company's contact and docking work with schools, governments, alumni associations, enterprises and other related departments. Li Yankuan alumnus graduated from the School of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University in 2009. In the same year, he founded Shanghai Jiyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and in 2016 founded Sichuan Tongji Zhiyu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Liu Guangyu led the practice team to visit Tongchuang Valley to introduce the development history, cooperation instructors, incubation projects and offshore projects of Tongji Chengdu Tongchuang. He also shared his entrepreneurial experience with his schoolmates: they should have the best hope for starting a business, but do the worst. By sharing their experiences, the two alumni demonstrated the pragmatic qualities of Tongji people and the feelings of social development.

Lastly, Ms. Zhou Long presented certificates and gifts to the two alumni. The summer practice team Chengdu team successfully completed the interview with the alumni of Tongji Chengdu Tongchuang, thanking the two alumni for their support.

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