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Do what you love——Interview with Tongji Alumnus Ling Yujie

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Do what you love

——Interview with Tongji Alumnus Ling Yujie

On the afternoon of August 7th, 2019, the Chengdu team of the Summer Practice Group of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tongji University went to Shijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and visited Ling Yujie, an outstanding graduate of the School of Materials.

Ling Yujie alumni is a 2008 undergraduate graduate of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. He is currently the general manager of Yibin Shijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Prior to this, Ling Yujie alumni worked in Lafarge Chongqing Nanshan Factory, Yibin City Housing Management Bureau and other places, and the experience is very rich.

At the symposium, Ms. Zhou Long, on behalf of the School of Materials, expressed his sincere gratitude to Ling Yujie, alumni who came to Chengdu from Yibin for an interview, and explained to him the project of “Innovative Entrepreneurship and Qualities of Tongji University Alumni”. In this interview, we will understand the current alumni's innovation and entrepreneurship and the advantages and disadvantages of Tongji students in the market competition, so as to adjust the student's training program. The company operated by Ling Yujie is mainly engaged in the environmentally sound and harmless technology treatment of industrial solid waste, actively adapting to grasp and lead the new normal of economic development, comprehensively promoting innovation development, coordinated development, green development, open development, shared development, and vigorously developing circular economy.

The summer practice group Chengdu team was successfully completed. The college teacher presented a commemorative gift to Ling Yujie alumni, and once again thanked the alumni for their support.

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