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2019 graduation ceremony of the School of Materials Science and Engineering

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On Mar. 29, 2019, the graduation ceremony for graduate students of the School of Materials Science and Engineer was successfully held. Attending the ceremony are Yu Haiyong, a deputy director of the Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science (Group) R&D Center, Yang Zhenghong, Director of Security Department of Tongji University and Professor of Materials College, Huang Yunhui, Director of the Academic Discipline Committee, Yuan Hua and Wang Lingling Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Yao Wu, deputy dean of the college, as well as representatives of teachers, parents and the 125 master students.

Before the ceremony, all the graduate students, together with their fellows or parents, walked down the red carpet and signed on the prepared signature wall in front of the Dessert Hall, which represents their best wishes to the college and all the teachers.



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