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The School of Material Science and Engineering (SMSE) of Tongji University was founded in 1996, formerly known as the Department of Construction Technology founded in 1956 by Mr. Huang Yunyuan, a renowned scholar in the field of materials. In 1958, it was renamed to the Department of Construction Material Engineering, one of the earliest departments of construction material in China and developed into the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in 1987.

The SMSE consists of three departments: civil engineering materials, inorganic materials and polymer material. We have first-level doctoral programs in material science and engineering and post-doctoral research stations. Th materials science is one of the first doctoral programs established in China (1981) and one of the first national key disciplines (1987), ranking the top 1.5‰ in the ESI of material science and top 100 in US News. We have two undergraduate majors-- materials science and engineering and new energy materials and devices. There are four postgraduate and doctoral training programs: materials science, materials processing engineering, information functional materials and devices and materials engineering. We also own the key laboratory of advanced civil engineering materials of the Ministry of Education, Shanghai key laboratory of metal functional materials development and application, and Shanghai powder metallurgy automotive materials industrial technology engineering center.

The SMSE has a highly competitive faculty, consisting at present of 150 faculties: including 1 Chinese Academy of Sciences academician (doubly hired), 1 discipline assessment team member of the Academic Degrees Committee under the State Council, 2 distinguished professors awarded as Changjiang Scholars by Ministry of Education, 3 National Outstanding Youth winners, 11 National Youth Talent Program enrolled talents and 18 provincial talent plan enrollees. 55 faculties are full professors, and 32 faculties are associate or assistant professors. The proportion of undergraduate students and graduate students is close to 1:1, with a total amount of more than 1,000 students.

The SMSE actively explores and innovates in the fields of material science and engineering, industry and high-tech application. We undertake national scientific research projects and major national engineering construction projects, including “973”, “863”, national key research plan and key projects of national natural science foundation, etc. The SMSE has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, the second prize of technological invention and the first prize of provincial and ministerial scientific and technological awards and so forth awards and exported several high-tech achievements to industry.

Based on the achievements of scientific research and engineering, and guaranteed by the faculty with international vision, excellent scientific literacy and engineering practice ability, the SMSE cultivates open-minded outstanding talents with undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees, and actively expand international education channels, and conduct joint training of undergraduate and postgraduate talents with Loughborough university and Ecole des mines DE France, etc. We have sent a number of outstanding talents to various fields such as materials in decades.

The SMSE of Tongji University develops rapidly now. Since development strategy of “two-wheel driving, talents precede”, the SMSE adheres to high-tech developing road of traditional construction materials, and meanwhile carry on researching in the fields of new energy materials, nano functional materials, biomedical materials, environmental friendly materials and other new materials closely with cars, civil, environment, medicine and other cross cooperation. Moreover, the SMSE founds new energy materials research center of Tongji University in Jiangning District, Nanjing, and forms unique characters and advantages of the cross disciplines and combination among production, training, researching and application, intending to build a base for training and gathering high-level talents and research achievements in the field of materials, and to establish domestic first-rate, world-known material science and engineering discipline.

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