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Introduction of Department of Civil Engineering Materials

The Department of Civil Engineering Materials, School of Materials Science and Engineering of Tongji University was established in May 2015. Its predecessor was the architecture department created by the famous materials scientist Yunyuan Huang in 1956, and the architecture department was one of the earliest departments in the field of building materials established at that time in China. Building materials is one the oldest, the best overall abiliity, the most obviouly unique feature subject in Tongji University. We are one of the first discipline who are able to offer doctoral program in China. This discipline has been listed as the state key program, Shanghai key program, key program supported by“211 plan”, key program supproted by 1st and 2nd stage of“985 project”. The department of civil engineering enjoys high reputation at home and abroad. We always adheres the principle of keeping close cooperation and communication with the colleagues from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, America, Japan, Denmark and other foreign universities. Professors from both sides visit each other regularly and has finished several scientific project successfully. In the past 60 years, the department of civil engineering inherit and enlarge the“strict, realistic, united and innovative”Tongji Spirit, and accumulate deep Tongji culture. The department has trained almost 20 000 outstanding professionals, of whom have been working actively in their position and made a great contribution to the development of China.

The department possesses a strong and sound teaching and research team, including more than 40 people, among which there are 15 professors (including 1 professor supported by Thousand Talent Program for Foreign Experts and 1 professor supported by Pilot Project of Tongji University), 19associate professors and senior engineers. More than 70% of the staff hold doctoral degree.

The interest and focus of the department can be mainly summarized into four majors: civil engineering structural materials, civil engineering functional materials, civil engineering energy-saving materials and civil engineering ecological materials. In recent years, the department has achieved richful resutls in scientific research with the support of Chinese Nature Science Foundation, The National Basic Research Program (973 Program), The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China(863 Program), The National Key Technology R&D Program, military project and other projects at ministerial level. Except for publishing high-level academic paper and books. The department has been granted almost 200 state patent of invention in the past 5 years. The application of these achievements in industry and construction sites also won several prize, such as the second class award of the state technological invention award for 1 time, the second class award of the state Science and technological progress award for 1 time, the first class award of the ministerial technological invention award for 2 times, the second class award of the ministerial technological invention award for more than 10 times and the thrid class award of the ministerial technological invention award for more than 10 times.

In the aspect of undergraduate program, the department offer the course of civil engineering materials to the whole university, and the course of general introduction of materials, general introduction of civil engineering, methology in studying materials, surface physical chemistry, powder and nano materials, rofessional english to the whole school. The department also open course of architectural structural materials, architectural functional materials, foundation of building material science, cementitious materials, non-destructive testing, concrete admixture, construction repair materials, eco-building materials, intelligent building mateials, design and production of constructed parts for assembly building and so on.

The department initiated and established the“National Civil Engineering Materials Design Competition”and Shanghai Civil Engineering Materials Knowledge Competition”, which attracted undergraduate and graduate students from sister universities across the country.

There are about 10 doctoral students, 30 master students and 30 undergraduate students graduate from the department every year. The high qualities of trained strudents win the good reputation from unverisities, institutes, and large enterprises at home and abroad.

Under the direction of“two-wheel driving, talented scholar leading”policy, the department has introduced several talent scholars, has gained a great achievements in the research and development of high-technicalization and modernization of traditional materials, application of micro- and nano materials in civil engineering, 3d printing materials, functional mateirals, intelligent materials and ecological materials.

The department own the platform of Key Laboratory of Advanced Civil Engineering Materials of Ministry of Education, the Field Base of Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Building, Sino-European Energy Efficient Building Training & Research Center, Innovation Experimental Center for University Students and etc. The laboratory covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, has more than 30 high-technical equipments, such as SEM, XRD, XPS, NMR and etc, and other civil engineering materials manufacture and testing devices. Due to the good soft- and hardware resources, the department is putting their efforts to train excellent caliber students with solid foundation, extensive knowledge, international view, and great adaptability to face the future. All these targents are also set according to the state strategy of One Belt One Road construction, the necessity of national housing industrialization, Made in China 2025 plan and so on.

You are warmly welcome to study, research, visit, communicate and cooperate with us at the department of civil engineering materials!

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